Configuring Cisco vWLC On ESXI 6.5 – Part 1

Shoutout to CCIE Root! I followed the guide below to stand up two Cisco vWLCs on ESXI 6.5 without a hitch! CCIE Root Guide. I recommend reading the guide above before proceeding to get an idea of what we will be doing.

Before beginning please ensure you have a recent version of ESXI installed (5.5 or higher preferred) along with the vWLC ISO file to upload onto ESXI.
ESXI 6.5 Download: ESXI 6.5 Evaluation
Cisco vWLC ISO file: MFG_CTVM_8_3_102_0.iso

First steps before installing our new Cisco vWLC controller is to create a new ESXI port group named “TRUNK” or something similar. A “TRUNK” port on ESXI allows all VLANs to be passed by default, this to allow us great flexibility with how we configure our Wlans. When creating the port group ensure to enter VLAN 4095 which allows all VLANS (Trunk) on this port, also ensure you have “Allow Promiscuous Mode” enabled to allow the WLC to work properly.

Example Setup (Cisco Switch Directly Connected to my ESXI Server – 4 ports total):


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